How Do Job Agencies Work?

How Do Job Agencies Work?

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Being out of work can be dispiriting—and the search for new employment can often feel demoralizing. But if it’s challenging for jobseekers to hit the pavement and seek new positions, it can be just as frustrating for employers to locate the right candidates to fill open positions. That’s where a job agency comes in—essentially serving as a middle man, connecting jobseekers with the right employers.

In pairing employees with employers, job agencies offer convenience to both parties—but how does a job agency (also called a staffing agency) truly work? Here’s a brief explanation of the services offered, both to individuals and to companies.

How Do Staffing Agencies Work?

How Staffing Agencies Work for Businesses

The staffing agency’s role for businesses is to help them to quickly and conveniently fill open or hard-to-fill positions with qualified people. The job agency will help prepare you for the all stages of the hiring process – including introduction, multiple rounds of interviews, job descriptions, negotiating salary requirements and other benefits, etc.


How Staffing Agencies Work for Individuals

For jobseekers, the role of the job agency is simple: You need work, and the agency helps you find a good position. When you first go to one of these job agencies, you’ll be asked to disclose all your skillsets and your past work experience. From there, the job agency will work to find an open position that you’re qualified for—effectively playing “match maker” between you and the employer.

Job Agency Fees and Costs

A common question: How do job agencies make money, exactly? There is no one answer to this question, as it can vary from one agency to the next. Generally speaking, though, job agencies will charge their corporate clients a fee, based on the amount of work the contracted employee does. Jobseekers themselves usually do not have to pay for these staffing services, though there are exceptions.

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