Why Partner with a Staffing Agent?

Why Partner with a Staffing Agent?

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Though engaging a staffing agent is not necessary for all employment and project resource needs, building a partnership with a close staffing ally that best understands your business, products, mission, vision and culture will more effectively save time, align and represent your best interests, and provide strategic and tactical resource advice and assistance at the time you need it.

Advantages of Partnering with a Staffing Agent

Consider the difference between a Human Resource or Talent Acquisition Rep gatekeeping a headhunter who works for 1 of a dozen (or even just 3) approved vendors focused on the transaction versus the Hiring Manager working closely with a seasoned talent agent that has learned the key personality traits, capabilities and dynamics of HM’s team and earned exclusivity based on repeated success pre-screening truly qualified resources and coordinating them effectively through the unique interview process and circumstances. If you are all about the dozen, best to devote your reading time elsewhere.

Like other service industries, tech staffing agencies in Orange County all share access to the same tools and resources as their competition so the distinguishing value proposition comes down to style, process, approach, effectiveness (quality versus quantity) and how well the agent teams up with the way you like and need to work. It is the way in how they do what they do that makes the partnership unique and worthwhile.

From recent graduates who may have met a couple recruiters at campus recruiting events to the more experienced professionals whose phones ring daily from recruiters pitching hard to find resources or exclusive career changing opportunities, many agent options exist in the market with a wide range of approaches, and though some are, not all are about the transaction. The worthwhile partnership is a multi-dimensional relationship that produces the transaction when needed but in between provides industry insight and strategic perspective as you evolve your team and your career.

How to Find Your Tech Temp Agency in Orange County

Your tech temp agency in Orange County must represent you or your company as effectively as, if not more than, you and every member of your interview team, especially as the agency is the first exposure a perspective employee has to your organization. Or the first exposure a perspective hiring manager has to your qualifications. Make sure they have the persona and style to represent how you want to be represented. And then provide you and/or your company’s features and benefits so they can formulate the most effective presentation on your behalf to attract the right match.

Enamix is One of the Top Tech Staffing Agencies in Orange County

Established in 1999, eNamix, Inc. is a full-service tech temp agency in Orange County that boasts a seasoned team of target recruiting professionals with an average of over 15 years’ technical staffing expertise. Though having provided our services in many locations across the United States of America, our core is in Southern California where we have built a local network of over 80,000 individual relationships. We provide contract, temp-to-perm and direct-hire technology resources from C-level to Project Management to Help Desk and from Software Development to Infrastructure. We build long-term personalized relationships focusing on quality over quantity to save our client’s time and money.

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