1: Preparing Your Candidates and Hiring Managers for Interviews

1: Preparing Your Candidates and Hiring Managers for Interviews

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“The candidates that I almost always end up hiring are the people who can teach me something in the interview” - Debarshi Chaudhury Click To Tweet

Welcome to InnerView, a podcast for recruiters who are interested in thoughtful and practical discussions on issues, strategies and disruptive technologies impacting the staffing and recruitment industry.

In this episode, we will cover the preparation of candidates and hiring managers for interviews. This is essentially the recruiter’s job from the point where the candidate has been vetted and an interview with the hiring manager has been set. So as a recruiter, how do you prep the candidate and the client for the interview?

“The more the recruiter can gather from the hiring manager upfront the more effective they can be in helping prepare the candidate” - John Jeltema Click To Tweet

Our experts on the subject matter are:

John Jeltema – our recruitment guru with over 20 years of experience representing high-level job seekers in their job search and negotiations. John brings the candidate’s and interviewees perspective to our discussions.

Mark Bassett – our executive search guru, with over 25 years of experience hiring employees and contractors at various levels for companies ranging from startups to Fortune-100. Mark represents the clients in the hiring process and brings the employer’s perspective to our discussions.

Debarshi Chaudhury – our technology guru, with extensive experience building, reviewing, implementing recruitment tech, and hiring hundreds of people to do it. Debarshi brings the tech employer’s perspective to the discussions.


Time Stamps:

  • What should be the approach to the interview for the candidate and the interviewer? How do you organize the interview? [02:13]
  • Red flags – or concerns that the hiring manager might have about a specific candidate? [09:05]
  • Can a candidate be over-prepared for interviews? How little (or too much) do you prepare? [11:30]
  • An active vs. passive job seeker? How do you prep the hiring manager that the recruit must be ‘sold’ on the role? [17:18]
  • How do you instruct both parties for having “The Money” conversation? [25:28]
  • Our Recruiters’ Favorite Tool: Microsoft Teams [35:32]
  • Key Takeaways + Wrap Up [39:14]

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