2: Compensation Negotiations

2: Compensation Negotiations

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“It’s a lot more than the money that gets paid to the person for the work done” - Debarshi Chaudhury Click To Tweet

We will cover the very controversial and pertinent issue of salary and compensation negotiations. We have spoken about how candidates, recruiters and hiring managers should avoid the subject through the interview process, but obviously, once both parties are interested in proceeding we have to negotiate numbers.

In today’s session, we will talk about how to navigate this potentially tricky part of the hiring process. Learn ways to calculate compensation and how to handle a candidate with unrealistic expectations. Understand when to end the negotiation and how far should you be re-negotiating.

“I weed out unrealistic candidates with unrealistic expectations before getting into the process” - John Jeltema Click To Tweet

Time Stamps:

  • How involved should the recruiter be in the compensation negotiation? What is the candidate’s job, recruiter’s job, and the hiring manager’s job in the compensation negotiation process? [02:08]
  • What do you cover upfront in your discussion with the hiring manager? Target budgets, maximums, benefits, bonuses, esops, etc.? [07:39]
  • How do you determine what the priorities for the candidate are – money, role benefits, etc.? What are the possible trade-offs for the candidate? Can a benefit (e.g. work from home) make up for compensation numbers? [14:44]
  • How do you handle a candidate with unrealistic expectations? Same for hiring managers? [18:07]
  • When do you end negotiation? When is it done? Does re-negotiation work or is it recommended? [24:36]
  • How seriously should you take published data on compensation numbers? How do you calculate compensation? How do you value and quantify benefits? [32:04]
  • Our Recruiters’ Favorite Tools: Recruitment Edge [38:12]
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