3: Taking the Job Order – Uncovering Hidden Secrets in The Job Description

3: Taking the Job Order – Uncovering Hidden Secrets in The Job Description

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“The company is actually losing money every day you don’t hire a person” - Debarshi Chaudhury Click To Tweet

We will cover the essential tasks of actually taking the job order from clients and qualifying the legitimacy of doing the search. We have seen numerous experienced recruiters slip up on the basics. So, in this episode, we will cover the must-dos and the not-to-dos when getting the requirement from the hiring manager.

Specifically, we will focus on the steps that are important but often overlooked in the process. Expect to hear what must-haves in job descriptions really must-haves and if there wiggle room. Find out how personality traits of candidate affect the hiring process.

“I just don’t trust an often HR generated job description” - Mark Bassett Click To Tweet

Time Stamps:

  • What line items are essential for the recruiter to get at the beginning? [02:09]
  • Do you try to find out how long a position has been open? How many offers have been made and turned down? What are the potential problems? [09:19]
  • What information do you need to decide whether the jobs is worth working on as a recruiter? [14:21]
  • Are must-haves in job descriptions really must-haves? Is there wiggle room? How flexible is the hiring process? Especially for passive job seekers. [21:30]
  • How about personality traits and personality fit of candidates with the hiring company? Do you speak to the hiring manager about that? [30:04]
  • Is it important to find out who the interviewers will be? How are the interviewers’ needs different? [33:49]
  • How important is it to understand the key initiatives and tasks that the person will work on? What is the impact to the company if no one is hired? What happens if the wrong person is hired? [37:08]
  • Our Recruiters’ Favorite Tools: Crystal Knows [41:15]


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