4: The Immigration Question

4: The Immigration Question

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“If you don’t have the tech talent you need... you’ve got to consider H1B sponsors or candidates” - John Jeltema Click To Tweet

In this episode, we will cover the hot button topic of immigration – specifically as it relates to the technology industry. We will focus on the ramifications of sponsoring work visas, like H1Bs, for companies, the impact of recent policy changes, and the broader question of what is the optimal model for getting skilled technologists into the country without reducing opportunities for Americans.

“There’s abuse on all sorts of levels. You’ve got the staffing industry, sponsoring agents, and the individuals” - Mark Bassett Click To Tweet

Time Stamps:

  • Should companies looking for tech talent consider sponsoring H1B visas? [00:51]
  • The abuse of H1B visas, and declining wages because of company practices around hiring H1B immigrants. [14:41]
  • What would be a policy recommendation you would make to the US government to improve the situation? [22:25]
  • Recruitment tool of the week: Body language with Janine Driver [27:56]
“There giving a higher preference to students who’ve done their Masters in US universities and that’s a very good thing” - Debarshi Chaudhury Click To Tweet

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