5: Reference Checks as a Business Development Tool

5: Reference Checks as a Business Development Tool

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“A reference check is an absolute step right in the door to build a relationship with somebody new” - John Jeltema Click To Tweet

In this episode, we will cover Reference checks – Find out how thoroughly you should check candidate references, and learn about the benefits of using background checks to grow your business. We will also cover some of the obstacles that you may run into while doing background checks and how technology can help overcome that. Expect to hear some practices that you may want to avoid during this process.

“I expect that candidate to not only supply references but to prep that reference” - Mark Bassett Click To Tweet

Time Stamps:

  • What does it mean to use reference checks as a business development tool? How does that work? [00:42]
  • How do you elicit the negative things about the candidate as somebody who is doing the reference check? [13:03]
  • What kind of automation can you put around background or reference checks? [17:23]
  • Is it possible to identify the fraudulent or fake candidates at the beginning of the process so you don’t waste your time checking on them? [29:13]
  • Recruitment Tool: Appliqant Facial Recognition  [36:03]
  • Key takeaways, insight, and caution [39:26]
“If the candidate’s never going to get hired for the job because of something in their past then why make them go through five interviews and than a reference check”? - Debarshi Chaudhury Click To Tweet



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